The Preventative Maintenance Program at Premier Fitness Source is designed to maximize the benefit you will receive from your fitness equipment. For most users, a yearly visit will be sufficient to keep your equipment working like new. We will contact you approximately 9-10 months after purchase to schedule the PM visit, in order to be sure that any needed repair or parts are covered under the parts and labor warranty as determined by the product manufacturer. Investing in regular maintenance will more than pay for itself by keeping your equipment working safely and efficiently, while also limiting the frequency and cost of repairs. Most importantly, maintaining your equipment will insure that it is working smoothly when you want to use it. Make sure you’re set up to experience success in achieving your fitness goals and eliminate any frustration or inconvenience caused by non-working pieces.
Even though your new equipment is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, it still needs regular inspection and maintenance.  The best analogy is your vehicle: Even though the vehicle is under warranty, regular service, such as changing the oil, is required to extend the life of your investment.  The car dealer does not pay for oil changes, tire rotation, alignment, tune-ups, or other necessary Preventative Maintenance.  Similarly, fitness equipment that has a manufacturer’s warranty also has a suggested periodic service schedule. Some of these adjustments and maintenance processes were performed on the day you received your equipment. Many of them also need to be done at regular intervals thereafter.
That’s OK. Our certified technicians can service any manufacturer’s brand of fitness equipment. We are the largest fitness dealer in the region and we have maintained and repaired all types of equipment.  In fact, we are the Manufacturer’s Authorized Service Provider for several brands that we don’t even sell to home users. Our service team has seen it all.  Their many years of experience insure that we will keep your current equipment operating to specifications and can repair it efficiently if required.
"What Tasks Are Performed?" During each preventative maintenance visit, all equipment covered under the agreement will be inspected for safety, thoroughly cleaned in the interior as well as the exterior, lubricated and adjusted according to manufacturer's specifications. Additionally, our factory trained and certified technician will perform diagnostics and troubleshoot any potential problems with your equipment. Repairs considered to be minor will also be made - at no cost to you - during the Preventative Maintenance visit. If more substantial repairs are found to be needed, you will not be billed for a trip charge when we return to your home to complete the repairs. Instead, you will only pay for the length of time our technician is on site and any required parts that are out of warranty coverage. Service performed between normal periodic maintenance calls will be billed at our standard rates. Upon the completion of the Preventative Maintenance visit, we will complete a Fitness Equipment Preventative Maintenance Checklist that will delineate any needed repairs that were discovered while we were in your home. This will help you avoid any equipment down-time and the frustrations that would arise from having non-working pieces.

Our Guaranteed Value Trade-in Program: With one of our Preventative Maintenance programs in place, you are automatically eligible for our generous buy-back Program. This program guarantees a future trade-in credit of up to $1,000 per unit, provided that your equipment is within our age and usage guidelines. As one of our Preventative Maintenance customers, we know that your equipment has been well cared for and has received the necessary maintenance services. This makes it an attractive recycled piece of equipment for a budget conscious customer. Through our wide distribution network and multiple retail locations, we will find an eager buyer for your well-maintained equipment.

The optimum frequency is based upon a number of factors including the age of the equipment, the type of equipment, the physical environment in your home and the expected usage. For many types of equipment and for products that are heavily used, quarterly service is recommended. We will be happy to discuss your particular needs at a time that is convenient for you.

Remember that taking care of your fitness equipment will MORE than pay for itself. If you bought your equipment from us, you should have received a Preventative Maintenance proposal at the time of your purchase. If you need another copy or if you are a new customer, please contact us by phone at the store nearest you or send an email to

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